5 Universal Attire Tips For Every Photo Shoot

5 Universal Attire Tips For Every Photo Shoot

Scheduling a photo shoot to update your family portraits can be an exciting yet daunting process. You have to coordinate with the weather, find the right location, and, most importantly, pick the perfect attire, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed!

Wearing the right clothes as you capture exciting memories is crucial because you want to be proud enough of those photos to get them memorialized for years to come in print. Here are the five universal things you should always consider no matter what moments you’re hoping to capture this season:

Color matters!

Should you plan to go with a specific color scheme for your shoot, always check that everyone involved has had some time to try on the shade you’ve chosen. If you have a fair skin tone, keep in mind that colors like pure white and yellow-based shades could wash you out. Additionally, try to steer clear of colors that are similar in shade to your skin tone as this can give the illusion of a lack of clothing, which is not usually a desired end result. Do some research on the colors that are considered best for your skin tone, and go from there.

Consider some accessories.

Accessories are the perfect way to embrace the shades and styles you love in a natural way. You can, for instance, use your accessories to highlight bright and bold colors and then keep your overall apparel subdued. Beyond this, beware of accessories that could be too flashy or reflect poorly in an image such as reflective earrings, large watches, and certain kinds of glasses.

Additionally, in some cases, there might be an opportunity to bring along props for your shoot. If this is the case, try to add in your favorite tones to the props where you can as well!

Comfort is crucial.

For a photo shoot, you should always prioritize your overall comfort since that will impact your mood and your confidence. While wearing your best dress shoes or your favorite stilettos might be tempting at first, they’re probably not the most comfortable option, especially if you know that the shoot will last multiple hours. Opt for stylish yet supportive shoes that still complement your outfit, or, pack multiple pairs of shoes to swap in to make sure you don’t end up killing your feet.

Take time to also consider the items you plan on wearing under your clothing! You want to ensure nothing itches, bunches, or shows up in natural or studio lighting. Shop around for the right practical and seamless underwear that will keep your confidence up while still allowing you to focus on the special memories being captured.

Be prepared!

Sometimes weather issues during your photo shoot are unavoidable, so be prepared for any non-ideal weather that may be thrown at you. Have a survival bag filled with rain boots, an umbrella, and other outfit options should the temperature end up being different than expected.

Test your makeup.

Lastly, test your makeup plans well before you set out to take photos. Ensure the foundation and color shades you plan on using won’t end up looking caked on your face. If you’re someone who never wears makeup but you’re nervous about how you might appear in high definition photos, it never hurts to do some research on doing your own makeup for a photo shoot if you don’t know where to start. Coordinate your shade of lipstick or eye shadow color with your outfit as a whole and you’re sure to end up with a cohesive yet stylish result.

At the end of the day, your attire should come down to how you feel in your overall look, so don’t be afraid to own it when you get in front of the camera. Then, when your photos are ready, you’ll be running to get them printed!

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