5 Reasons To Do a First Look At Your Wedding

5 Reasons To Do a First Look At Your Wedding

Seeing your spouse before the wedding ceremony was once considered bad luck, but we think the photos taken during your first look will have you feeling pretty lucky! Not convinced yet? See our 5 reasons to do a first look below!

1.  A moment alone with your spouse

You’ve heard it time and time again that “Your wedding day will go by so fast!” and it’s true. You will be greeting family, reuniting with friends, and will likely not otherwise get alone time with your precious bride or groom. First looks capture true closeness and raw emotion while giving the happy couple a magical private moment;  a moment to reflect, soak each other in, and truly remind yourself what the day is all about.

Husband and Wife First Look Photo

2. You will end up with  more photos

Wedding photography is a big investment, so make the most of it! It is said that you will get approximately 40% more portraits with your new spouse if you do a first look. These are the photos that you will cherish forever, that will fill up your albums, and will be proudly be hung in your first home! After your wedding is just a memory, a few things remain. Your wedding photos will bring you back to that special place and time, so in our opinion, the more photos the merrier!

Husband and Wife Hugging First Look

3. You have a chance to calm your nerves

Your wedding day can be a little overwhelming(so much planning and coordinating all for one day)! Who better to calm your nerves than the person you’ve chosen to have by your side from this day forward! Not to mention, when you see each other for the first time, you won’t have a room full of people staring at you. These photos are beautifully intimate and are always our favorite to print!

4. First looks extend your wedding day together

Without a first look, a wedding day typically begins with the bride walking down the aisle. With a first look, you can begin your big day much earlier! After the first look, your bridal party can all get together for group shots and lots of fun! This time is important as well because you may not get this special time with your bridal party otherwise. These people mean the most to you, so why not spend more time with them?  

Happy Bride and Groom After First Look

5. Your wedding timeline will be more relaxed

Wedding timelines are necessary but sticking to them is a real challenge. Things happen no matter how much you plan, especially while trying to get the family formals, bridal party photos, and couple portraits all during cocktail hour. Instead of rushing off after your ceremony to a lengthy photo shoot, you will get to head straight to your reception. So, grab a glass of champagne and use the extra time to dance the night away!

This decision is very personal, and either way, it will be the most magical day of your life. What did you choose to do on your wedding day? Or, if you aren’t married yet, are you planning to do a first look?

Special thanks to Stolen Glimpses Photography, Sarah Gormley Photography, and Brittany Conner Photography for photography featured in this post.


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