10 Tips for Photographing in Cold Weather

10 Tips for Photographing in Cold Weather

As a photographer, there’s so much to keep in mind when the weather changes – what to wear to keep warm, how to manage the changing light, what your camera needs, and more.

To make sure everyone capturing the splendor of the season is prepared for the changes the cold brings, we compiled some smart (and totally vital) advice from a few of our photographer friends who specialize in shooting outdoors.

List of 10 tips for photographing in cold weather

10 tips for photographing in cold weather: 

  1. Give your camera break from the cold as much as possible.
  2. Leave your camera inside until just before you leave for a shoot.
  3. Keep it indoors when not in use.
  4. Zip the camera into your jacket whenever you can.
  5. Keep one hand on the camera at all times.
  6. Add exposure for snowy photographs.
  7. Bring extra batteries and memory cards.
  8. Account for slower-acting equipment.
  9. Avoid using a flash in falling snow.
  10. Two words: fingerless gloves.


  1. Great tips. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you for these tips for cold weather.
    Living in North Dakota we now have snow on the ground and I want to be out and about with camera in hand–I am not a professional so any and all tips and info -I always appreciate–Thanks

  3. for super cold shooting, use hand warmers taped to body with electrical tape. it will look a bit funny but your batteries will last longer. i've shot in -20 in yellowstone and this is a great way to keep your camera from freezing.


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