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10 Photographers on YouTube You Should Be Following

YouTube can be a great source of inspiration and education for photography no matter what stage you are at in your photography journey. Many prominent photographers on YouTube might be familiar to you, but there are also countless hidden gems that are well worth a watch. These 10 photographers on YouTube will help you become a better photographer by learning new tips & tricks, getting behind the scenes of their shoots, and following them as they continue to grow their careers.


1. Vuhlandes

A photographer who documents life in the hood, Vuhlandes creates striking images of everyday life in underexposed places on his YouTube channel and also educates his audience about different methods of photography he tries out.

2. Willem Verbeeck

Willem Verbeek is a photographer of places and objects and uses his YouTube channel as fuel for his photography, setting himself challenges, as well as educating photographers on how to shoot in different ways to achieve different results.

3. Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica Kobeissi primarily photographs women in fashion and has garnered a large following on YouTube with her videos based on reviewing America’s Next Top Model episodes and tips and tricks on taking great photos.

4. Thomas Heaton

If you’re looking for landscape photography inspiration, Thomas Heaton is the way to go. He travels miles in his van photographing exquisite landscapes and taking his audience along for the journey.

5. Mango Street

As described in their bio, Mango Street, made up of photographers Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gullotta give their audience “Photography tutorials that don’t waste your time.” The duo creates creative editorial projects with photography and filmmaking and shares their experience with their followers.

6. Sean Tucker

If you’re looking for a more philosophical approach to photography rather than tutorials and film reviews, Sean Tucker is probably your guy, advertising himself as someone more interested in the “why of photography rather than the “how.”

7. Julia Trotti

A portrait photographer based in Sydney, Australia, Julia show her followers a behind the scenes look at life as a professional photographer, using different cameras and lenses to achieve her results.

8. Peter McKinnon

With the largest audience on this list, boasting over 5 million subscribers, Peter McKinnon is a go-to for photography YouTube, spending plenty of time reviewing new gear and also teaching his followers how to get better results in photography and cinematography.

9. Kai Man Wong

A self-proclaimed “gear addict” Kai Wong creates content based around photography equipment and gadgets and whether it’s going to be the right choice for what you’re trying to achieve.

10. Tayla Adams

A mix of vlog and photography content, Tayla Adams is here to give you tips and tricks on film photography, affordable photography, and travel photography, while vlogging about her career.


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