10 Budget-Friendly Outfit Ideas for Family Photos

10 Budget-Friendly Outfit Ideas for Family Photos

It’s the best time of the year to take family photos! Not only are the backdrops beautiful with all the fall foliage but, if you’re looking to send a Holiday Card this season you can also check one thing off your to-do list a little early. Capturing your family in a picture-perfect moment doesn’t have to break the bank, we’re here to help with 10 budget-friendly outfit ideas. 

1. Wear white.

You can pull off the matching outfit look without looking cheesy if you keep it super simple! Shop your own closets for jeans and white shirts for the family, this classic and always in style look can actually look very clean and tasteful when done correctly. Our tip here would be to not have everyone in the same style. Think sweaters, blouses, a henley or, a t-shirt.To avoid looking like a 90s print ad, let everyone wear a shirt that reflects their own style. 

2. Opt for jewel tones!

family beach photos

Jewel tones always look so great in photos and you don’t necessarily need to buy new clothes to achieve this beautiful color combo for your pics. Think navy, emerald, and burgundy and pick out the family’s outfits accordingly.

3. Keep it casual.

You don’t need fancy outfits to look great in photos! Opt for a more dressed down look with leggings, a t shirt, a jean jacket, and boots for the girls and jogger style pants and t shirts or henley’s for the boys. 

4. When in doubt, wear neutrals! 

family beach photos

Neutral tones are the perfect way to achieve a timeless and cozy look for family photos. Everyone looks great in them and you don‘t have to worry about colors clashing. 

5. Try shades of blue.

Try outfitting the family in all different shades of blue! Weather its a dress, sweater, jacket, or even just a t shirt, the combo of the colors will look great in photos especially if they are taken outside in nature! 

6. Play with pattern!

Let mom be the star of the show or your daughter(s) if you have them! Put everyone else in solids they may already own and choose to buy just one dress in a fun print or pattern to keep the photos interesting without breaking the budget. 

8. Flannels

Nothing screams fall photoshoot like flannel! To avoid too much pattern outfit just the kids or just one family member in a flannel shirt and keep everyone else neutral. The fun pop of pattern will look great on camera!

8. Rewear a closet favorite. 

If your family wore something nice for New Year’s, Easter, or a graduation party, rewear something in your closet! You can always change out accessories, add a jacket or cardigan, or buy a hat to give it a whole new look. 

family beach photos

9. Denim for everyone!

Incorporate denim into your outfits so everyone looks coordinated but not identical. Don’t worry too much about the wash, it will look uniform in the best way if they aren’t all the same. Think outside the box with denim jackets or shirts too. Keep it simple on top or underneath with plain shirts and maybe even throw in a pattern or stripe for some of your family. 

10. Go for black and gray.

You can never go wrong with with black and gray. It will look timeless in photos and everyone looks great in these easy-to-wear shades. You can always compliment with denim or khaki tones to make it a bit more casual but it’s a great place to start when planning family photos. Think a grey dress for the girls, a black sweaters for the boys, dad in an open black button down with a white t shirt underneath, and mom in a black or gray sweater and jeans!

What will you be dressing the family in for photos this year? 


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