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Web Ordering vs ROES Web Orderin vs ROES


Web ordering is a simple e-commerce platform that allows you to upload galleries and order immediately online. It uses both JAVA and FLASH

Suggested for: Anyone and everyone

Cool Features

  • Fast and easy to use, similar to all other e-commerce websites you have used.
  • Combine all products into one easy checkout method. No need to order different paper types (lustre, metallic, linen, color adjusted, etc.) or other products into several orders.
  • You can "drop ship" multiple products to different addresses. Send a photo book to one person and photo prints to another!
  • Upload galleries from your deskstop, Facebook, Smugmug, Picasa, PhotoBucket, and Flickr.
  • Save your galleries online for future viewing/ordering from multiple computers.
  • Auto populates photos into a project within seconds!
  • Save projects for later use.
  • Create your own design templates using a variety of backgrounds and icons

Most popular products ordered using this method

Any products where you want to check-out everything at once, professional prints in large volumes, custom photo books, custom albums, calendars, gallery blocks, cube décor, greeting cards, canvas clusters, and growth charts.

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ROES is a Java-based downloadable software that runs on your computer (not the web). You download it once and it stays put on your desktop for whenever you need to use it! It allows you the ability to select a product and precisely define crops and rotations on your images within that product. You simply choose a folder of images and start selecting from our product options.

Suggested for: full time and part time professional photographers

Cool Features

  • Easy for ordering large volumes
  • Package printing
  • Volume printing
  • Sports products
  • No uploading of galleries. You work off folders organized on your desktop. The uploading occurs after you are done editing your order.
  • Easy to use crop tools.
  • Every product we offer is available in ROES

Most popular products ordered using this method

Volume printing, package printing, Framed prints, gallery wraps, mounted prints, smart phone cases, metal prints, die cut wallets, proofing products, designer magnets, buttons, senior memory mates, metal ornaments, DVD cases, image boxes.

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