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How do I place an order on the website?

Shop directly from our product pages, place your images to the product, add it to your cart and checkout.

How do I place an order in ROES?

You must download ROES to your desktop before you can place a ROES order. CLICK HERE to see a ROES tutorial.

Am I able to combine orders?

Web/ Shopping Cart: Orders placed at different times are unable to be combined. Before checkout, the shopping cart will automatically separate the order based on product type/processing times.

ROES Orders: In the case that orders must be placed from separate catalogs, here are the guidelines for combining multiple orders for shipping:

  • The orders must have the same processing time. (For example, one business day for standard prints in the lustre/metallic catalog could not be combined with a three business day photo book).
  • The orders must be placed within the same day, about 3 hours difference maximum. Depending on time of day this time-frame may need to be shorter.
  • Please use the "Special Instructions" tab found on the ROES Order Review screen to let us know to combine your orders and remove shipping charges. These instructions will be reviewed by Customer Service before your order is processed or printed.

Why am I being charged multiple shipping charges?

Depending on the turnaround time and process of your order, shipping charges are applied to each order that must ship separately. When placing an order in web, it will automatically separate your cart based on this.

What file format do you accept?

Your files must be:

  1. .jpg and flattened .tiff files
  2. 300 dpi resolution recommend
  3. 8-bit color depth
  4. sRGB color space
  5. 25 character filename limit

*NO special characters, excluding hyphen (-) and underscore (_)*

Is my file large enough to produce a high quality print?


What do "Backprinting", "Reference" and "Special Instructions" mean at check out?

Backprinting is information printed on the reverse side of a print. While placing your print order, you have the option to add a 25-character maximum line of text on the reverse of the print. In addition to added back printing, the system standard also requires the printing of an order number & sort number on the back of each print. Once an order is placed, we are unable to add or change the back printing.
*Please refrain from using characters other than letters, numbers and special characters. Keep in mind that once an order is placed, we are unable to add this feature to the order or alter the back printing in any way.

*Web-based orders will not print your file name.

Reference is the information used to label your order. This allows you to easily view orders in My Account.

Special Instructions is used for you to give instructions for the lab. (Ex: Please Color Correct my images to be on the warmer side.)