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  • Removable and reusable peel-and-stick material that will not damage your walls.
  • Fade-resistant, premium vinyl-like material used.


  1. Peel back the top section of the Wall Grip's backing and stick exposed area to desired spot on your wall.
  2. As you peel more and more of the backing from the Wall Grip, lightly smooth out the material as you progress down the wall.
  3. If you have any bubbles, lightly press the bubbles out to the edges. You may have to peel that section back and re-do step #2.


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Product Info

Wall Grips – Customized Photographic Wall Decals

Have you ever wished you could make a giant wall decal of your favorite image, without the hassle of most decal options? With Nations Photo Lab, you can. Nations Photo Lab's wall grips offer the convenience of a peel-and-stick wall decal, without any messy residue.

Our wall grips are made from a fade-resistant, fabric-like material that will stand up well over years of use. They are completely removable and reusable, so you can reposition them as you see fit. The sticky side leaves behind no residue and will in no way damage your walls. Also, if you make a mistake when hanging the wall grip, simply remove and re-hang, without or difficulty. Wall grips are simply the ideal way to create personalized décor for your home or your child's bedroom.

Wall grips are ideal for displaying your child's favorite sports portrait. Make your son or daughter look like a true star with a life-size wall decal. Sports are just one option for these wall grips — do you have an imaginative youngster? Dress your child up, take a photograph and then use the photograph as part of the décor in their princess- or pirate-themed bedroom. Let your imagination run wild as you enjoy this unique photographic display option. When you are ready to take down or simply move the wall grip, you can do so quickly, easily and with no risk of damage to the wall.

Start enjoying your wall grips today. Choose your image, and then let Nations Photo Lab help send your perfect decal for your walls.

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CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL. We work with some truly amazing pro photographers!