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Presentation and protection for your wallet prints


  • 70 Print Max
  • Price:
    10 Boxes for $4.00
    25 Boxes for $10.00
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  • 80 Print Max
  • Price: $2.50
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Product Info


Delivering a wallet-sized version of your favorite portrait to a friend or family member is one of the more rewarding aspects of having portraits done. Yet, keeping those wallet-sized prints tidy in your purse or briefcase is not always easy. Nations Photo Lab has you covered with these attractive and durable wallet boxes.

Wallet boxes let you showcase and protect a stack of your wallet-sized prints so you can carry them with you wherever you go. Stash the box in your purse, backpack or briefcase, and pull it out whenever you wish to hand out a photo. These boxes are an attractive and practical way to carry wallet photos.

In addition, these wallet boxes are a great way to deliver wallet-sized prints to clients when photographing professionally. Store the wallet prints in a box to improve the professionalism of your delivery and ensure that every wallet print ordered is properly delivered.

Wallet boxes come in three main types. The standard wallet box has a window to allow your photo to be visible from outside box. This makes sharing the image easy, even without removing the prints from the box. Standard wallet boxes hold up to 70 prints. Wallet clutches are an attractive option shaped like a small clutch and closed with a fashionable bow. Wallet clutches hold up to 25 prints. The classic wallet box, which is a standard box shape with no window, holds up to 80 prints.

Wallet boxes must be ordered with prints and can be added to any print order. They represent an affordable, simple way to store, transport and display wallet-sized prints. Pick up yours with your Nations Photo Lab order today!

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