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8 x 8 Photo Enlargements: There's Nothing Square about These Cool Prints

When you want to create an image that stands out, choosing an unusual size and dimension is an easy way to attract attention. That's one reason why 8x8 photo enlargements are so interesting. Their perfectly square shape signals to the viewer that this isn't their typical photo, and beckons them to take a closer look.

Modern or contemporary office or residential environments can be enhanced with 8 x 8 photo enlargements. Whether framed and hung on the wall in a symmetrical grouping, or placed on end tables and bookshelves throughout, 8 x 8 photo enlargements create a bold statement without requiring an excessive amount of space.

Crafters and scrapbooking fans also love 8 x 8 photo enlargements. Photos enlarged to an 8x8 print size make for visually stunning scrapbook pages and showcase the event or memory in question, while still leaving room to add additional elements or further enhance the image with customized touches.

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Professional Prints with Lustre Finish
Professional Prints with Lustre Finish