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Show the Photo the Way You Intended with an 8 x 12 Photo Enlargement

Many of today's digital SLRs and film cameras capture images in an 2:3 aspect ratio, meaning that when it's time to enlarge the images, the logical choices start at 4 x 6 and then move to 8 x 12 photo enlargements. And while 4 x 6 photo prints are quite common, many labs don't offer 8 x 12 photo prints, offering instead a standard 8 x 10 photo enlargement.

For many photographers, cropping your image with an 8 x 12 aspect ratio down to a standard 8 x 10 print size simply isn't an option. After all, if the composition of the entire 8 x 12 image is just how you want it, why should you have to decide where to cut an image that is perfect as it is? Now you don't have to worry with needless cropping any longer.

Nations Photo Lab can produce 8x12 photo enlargements that allow you to share your image in the way it was intended to be seen. Producing your image in an 8 x 12 photo enlargement means that you don't have to spend time in your photo software struggling with determining where the image can be cropped; instead, you can shoot photos with confidence, knowing that the image you are capturing is the one that you will be able to share.

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Professional Prints with Lustre Finish
Professional Prints with Lustre Finish