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Turn "So-So" Into "Showstopper" with a 5 x 5 Photo Print

The next time you're looking through your digital photo album, think square. Why? Because a square print, like a 5 x 5 photo print, gives you a unique way to transform a "so-so" photo into a "showstopper" shot. Maybe you have an image where the background is a bit busy and pulls attention away from the main focus of your shot? Or perhaps there's something in the background that hurts the shot's symmetry? Cropping the photo into a square suitable for a 5 x 5 photo print gives you the opportunity to draw the viewer's eye right to the part of the image you want them to notice.

Abstract images are especially attractive when reproduced as 5 x 5 photo prints. But because of the unique size and orientation of a 5 x 5 photo print, even photos with more conservative subject matter—like a family portrait on the beach—can be given a modern vibe without changing the content of the image itself.

Unlike traditional rectangle-oriented images, square photo prints—like the 5 x 5 prints offered by Nations Photo Lab—have an extra artistic impact. Because a 5 x 5 print is a non-standard size, reproducing your photo as a 5 x 5 print is likely to draw attention whether you're sending them as gifts in holiday cards, or offering them as part of a larger photo package at your photography studio.

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Professional Prints with Lustre Finish
Professional Prints with Lustre Finish