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4 x 6 Photo Prints: A Versatile Print Size with Virtually Limitless Options

For a professional quality image that is bigger than a wallet sized photo, but smaller than a 5 x 7, consider getting 4 x 6 photo prints. Why? Because a 4 x 6 photo print combines the versatility of a smaller print at a size that still offers a clear view of the photo’s subject, without the need to squint or strain your eyes to discern fine details.

Because 4 x 6 is a relatively common photo print size, you have virtually endless options when it comes to displaying and storing your photos. You can purchase standard 4 x 6 frames, easily find mats appropriate for 4 x 6 photos, and store and present your photos in a lovely album that holds 4 x 6 prints, all at a cost well below that required for custom photo print sizes.

In addition to their other benefits, 4 x 6 photo prints are especially well-suited for photo collages or other multiple photo arrangements. Want to make a real statement? Create a uniform work of art by combining images that share a common theme—whether it be landscapes encountered during a recent vacation or images from your baby daughter’s first year—into an equally-spaced grouping of 4 x 6 photos. Because each photo is uniform in size, you’ll be able to arrange them in a way that they eye will “register” the photos as a single group, then will be drawn to take a closer look at each image individually.

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Professional Prints with Lustre Finish
Professional Prints with Lustre Finish