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20 x 30 Photos: Big Photos, Bigger Impact

Downsizing may be the latest trend in business, but not in photography. In fact, the opposite is true—many customers want the option of ordering big photos to make a big impact. Consider adding 20 x 30 enlargements to your print package to capitalize on this growing trend.

20 x 30 photos are especially good for clients that want a bold, personal way to add color to their home or office. As you're putting together their package, tell them to imagine several 20x30 enlargements over the fireplace in their living room, or 20 x 30 prints serving as a dramatic focal point for an otherwise minimalist bedroom. Lovely!

Also, remind customers that 20 x 30 enlargements make incredible holiday gifts. Whether they're ordering Easter portraits or simply getting their annual family photo, 20 x 30 prints make for a unique gift. And with the cost of 20x30 prints being so affordable, urge customers to order one or two extra to keep on hand as gifts!

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Professional Prints with Lustre Finish
Professional Prints with Lustre Finish