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11 x 14 Photos Make High-Impact Gifts

When it comes to offering your photography clients a print size that is perfect for a high-impact gift, suggest an 11 x 14 print. During the ordering process, remind your clients that professional 11x14 prints make perfect gifts for family and friends. Why?

For one reason, 11 x 14’s make outstanding photo portraits. Be sure to point out to your client how her grandson's adorable smile will be even bigger and more adorable when he's featured in a super-sized 11x14 print!

Another reason that clients love 11 x 14 prints is because they are a fantastic size for display. 11 x 14 enlargements make for a happy medium between a small photo that may look out of place on a wall and a large photo that overpowers the artwork.

11 x 14 prints are also excellent for letting your photography clients share some of their favorite memories and create new ones. For example, if you're shooting a 25-year high school reunion, suggest that classmates order some 11 x 14 enlargements commemorating their time with their old school buddies. Or if you've been commissioned to take the family portrait on the beach, suggest ordering additional 11 x 14 photo prints for grandma and grandpa.

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Professional Prints with Lustre Finish
Professional Prints with Lustre Finish