Personalized Growth Charts- Photo Growth Charts - Photo Wall Grip

Size: 13x48" each

Price: $34.95 each

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The average female height is 5' 3" /// The average male height is 5' 7" Via Center for Disease Control.

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Remember as a child the feeling of excitement when it was time to see how much taller you'd grown? Mom would shuffle you and your siblings to the designated area—usually a doorway or a wall in the back of the family room—and would tell you to stand up straight (but not on your tippy toes!) so that she could pencil in a line above your head, marking your height.

Over time, the penciled in lines may have faded, smudged, or even been painted over, but your memories remain. Now that you have children of your own, it's time to continue the tradition—and a personalized growth chart can help you do just that. Simply choose the growth chart style that best fits your child's personality, interests, or room décor, and then personalize it with your child's name and pictures. Attach it to the wall and start capturing the magic and milestones of your child's early years. And when your little one grows up, the chart serves as a treasured keepsake. Simply peel it off of the wall without worry of leaving marks or residue.

So whether you're a parent who is looking for the perfect, personalized décor for your little princess' bedroom, or you're a family friend who wants to buy a unique present for a special child, a personalized growth chart is something that a child will appreciate now… and even more when they're all grown up.

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