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Below are answers to many of the questions you may have regarding Nations Photo Lab's products and services. If you have additional questions not answered below, please call us toll free at 1-888-507-5755 or take advantage of our “Chat Live!” button located in the yellow section to the left.

Section 4:
ROES Tech Support


1. I am having problems downloading ROES (Pro or Easy), what can I do?
Try these following actions:

  • Turn off any pop up blockers
  • Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive
  • Dialup connections may cause a delay or not allow you to download the software at all
Still cannot download ROES (Pro or Easy)? – Contact our friendly customer service line at 1-888-507-5755 

2. How do I crop my images? (ROES PRO ONLY)
You can crop your images in ROES and have the option to “Crop to Fit.” This allows you to keep your entire image within the print size you select. However, white borders will be in place of where your photo would tend to crop. Keep in mind, most digital cameras format images at a 2:3 ratio, meaning a full frame photo would be a 4x6 print size, while an 8x10 print size would require two (2) inches of cropping. Please be aware of this while shooting and make sure to leave enough space for cropping.

Photoshop is another great way to crop. Simply use the crop tool in your Photoshop program and your images will be ready to be ordered using the ROES templates. You can order all of your images with one drag and drop when they are already cropped to size. In ROES, simply select all of the images that you want to order in one size and drag them into the template. A prompt will appear asking if you would like to add all of the images selected to your order. This eliminates the need to press the “Add to Order” button after dragging your images into the template.

3. My order is ready to upload, but I keep getting a sending error…what should I do? (ROES PRO & EASY)
The most common reason for an error during sending is a firewall. Please temporarily turn off your firewall and your order should promptly begin uploading. Another suggestion is to locate the .roescache folder on your computer and delete the contents.

For PC users: Simply click “Start”, “Search”, type in .roescache in the search for all files and folders. Locate the folder and select all of the contents, then delete them.

For Mac users: Simply click on the “Finder” button and type in .roescache in the search.
Note: This folder may be hidden, once located select all of the contents, and then delete them.

Still receiving the sending error? Contact our friendly customer service line at 1-888-507-5755

4. How do I add text to my pictures in ROES Pro?
For helpful instructions with ROES, check out our handy tutorials located on our homepage, under the top tab by “Clicking Here.

  • 1) Click on the “Template Editor” button
  • 2) Click on the “Text” button
  • 3) Draw a rectangular marquee where you would like your text shown
  • 4) Type in your text
  • 5) Choose your font options that appear on the right side of your screen, under “Node” or within    the “Options” button. You can edit the color by selecting the color “Text” tool on the right.
  • 6) You can also free transform or move your text by selecting the “Edit” button
  • 7) Right click on the text box to make any further changes or to delete

5. I have used ROES (Pro or Easy) before and all of the sudden I cannot seem to launch or use the software, what should I do?
Please call our friendly customer service line at 1-888-507-5755 and we will be happy to address any technical issues you are having.

For helpful instructions with ROES, check out our handy tutorials by "Clicking Here."


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