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  • Section 1:
    Getting Started

    1. How do I sign up for a new account?

    Simply Sign up for a new account and we will get you set up with a Customer ID!

    2. What is the "My Account" feature?

    Signing in to "My Account" allows you to:

    • Edit your profile within the web ordering system. (ex: billing / shipping information, credit card information, password)

      If there is a current in-house order, please contact Customer Service to update any information.

    • See if an order has successfully posted
    • Check the status/ tracking of an order
    • View invoices

    3. How do I place an order?

    Nations Photo Lab offers two excellent ordering programs:

    • One is a web-based, shopping cart system. You shop for your desired products, add them to your cart and checkout.
    • The second way to order is a downloadable desktop software, called ROES. We recommend the ROES software for our professional photographers!

      Both shopping cart and ROES are both Windows and Macintosh compatible.

    4. How am I able to contact Nations Photo Lab?

    You are able to reach us:

    • Email: info@nationsphotolab.com
    • Phone: 1.800.315.0420 (Monday through Friday 9:30am to 6pm EST)
    • Online Chat:
      - Monday through Thursday 10am to 9pm EST
      - Friday 10am to 8:30pm EST

  • Section 2:
    General Questions

    1. What are my payment options?

    We accept all major credit cards.

    2. Do you offer a catalog and samples?

    Yes, we offer catalogs in a PDF version. We also offer samples of our photo and press finishes for $1.99. At this time, our paper samples are available in ROES only.

    3. What format does my image need to be?

    • We accept jpg and flattened tiff files
    • 300 dpi resolution recommend
    • 8-bit color depth
    • sRGB color space
    • 25 character filename limit

    *NO special characters, excluding hyphen (-) and underscore (_)*

    4. What type of photographic paper do you use?

    We print exclusively on Kodak Professional Endura Paper for all photographic printing. We offer both Lustre (E-Surface) and Metallic finishes. Kodak Endura Paper sets the standard in professional printing, so you can feel confident you are receiving the best paper in the printing industry!

    5. What is the difference between lustre and metallic?

    • The lustre surface is closely related to matte, but with a textured finish and a very slight sheen. It is the standard in professional printing.
    • The metallic surface has very unique properties. It is a high gloss paper which gives a three-dimensional metallic look to your image. It also gives very flattering skin tones and looks great for outdoor and black and white images.

    6. What are Color Corrections?

    Choosing to have your products Color Corrected is strongly recommended. Color Correction is the individual review of each image and correction of density, color tones, saturation and lighting. In choosing the Color Corrected option, you're choosing to have our color technicians remove any differences between your personal monitor and our print monitor. Have you ever watched the same movie on a bank of monitors at a store like Best Buy? You'd notice that the color appears different on each monitor. That is why without choosing Color Corrected, you cannot count on the color that you see on your monitor being the same as what comes out of our printers. Our Color Corrected products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are unable to guarantee the tonality of prints ordered without Color Corrections. The customer is completely responsible for the output of images ordered without Color Corrections. When Color Corrected is not selected, the images are not adjusted by our color technicians and are sent directly to our printers. Color Correction applies to the entire image and any changes to just a part of an image will require Photoshop, for which estimates can be requested in your shopping cart.

    7. What is our Color Match Guarantee? (The Challenge)

    We are so confident in our team of certified, color gurus that every first time, non-Color Corrected print order gets your originals PLUS a free set of amazingly Color Corrected prints. And if by chance, you aren't totally wowed by your Color Corrections, we'll reprint it at no charge! That's right, our color pros are just THAT awesome.

    How does it work exactly?

    When our color technicians make Color Corrections, they modify the density, color tones, saturation and lighting of each individual image. In choosing Color Corrections, you are choosing to have them remove any differences between your personal monitor and our print monitor. Have you ever watched the same movie on a bank of monitors at a store like Best Buy? Our Color Corrections come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    If Color Corrections are not ordered, the images are not adjusted by our color technicians and are sent directly to our printers. When ordering with no Color Corrections, you are responsible for the output of the images. Keep in mind that Color Corrections are satisfaction guaranteed and that we cannot guarantee the tonality of prints ordered without Color Corrections.

    * First orders consisting of 8x10 photo prints or smaller with no Color Corrections, receive up to 10 Color Corrected prints for comparison. // Valid for ROES. // No template based prints (i.e.: Memory Mates, Senior Templates, Calendars, etc.)

    8. Am I able to combine orders?


    In the case that orders must be placed from separate catalogs, here are the guidelines for combining multiple orders for shipping:

    • The orders must have the same processing time. (For example, one business day for standard prints in the lustre/metallic catalog could not be combined with a three business day photo book).
    • The orders must be placed within the same day, about 3 hours difference maximum. Depending on time of day this time-frame may need to be shorter.
    • Please use the "Special Instructions" tab found on the ROES Order Review screen to let us know to combine your orders and remove shipping charges.
    • These instructions will be reviewed by Customer Service before your order is processed or printed.

    Web-based/ Shopping Cart:

    • Orders placed at different times are unable to be combined.
    • Before checkout, the shopping cart will automatically separate the order based on product type/processing times.

    9. Does Nations Photo Lab process film or work from negatives?

    Nations Photo Lab works from digital files only.

    10. What is back printing?

    Back printing is information printed on the back of a picture by NPL. The system standard requires the printing of a sort and order number on the back of each print.

    While placing your print order, you have the ability to change the back printing, which is a 25-character maximum line of text on the back of the photo.

    Please refrain from using characters other than letters, numbers, ( ) - and _

    Keep in mind that once an order is placed, we are unable to add this feature to the order or alter the back printing in any way.

  • Section 3:
    Customer Service

    1. How can I contact Nations Photo Lab?

    We can be reached through the following options:

    Toll Free - 1-800-315-0420
    Email - info@nationsphotolab.com
    Online Live Chat by clicking on chat link on our homepage or in ROES.

    2. When is customer support available?

    Customer support/service is available Monday through Friday 10AM - 8:30PM EST.
    Additional hours and days may be added during peak seasons, as needed.

    3. How do I know you received my order?

    Shortly after you place your ROES order, you will receive a confirmation email with a ROES order number. This number can be found in the subject line of the email. In the event that an e-mail confirmation is not received within 24 hours, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-315-0420 immediately, to ensure we have received your order.

    4. Will I be notified when my order is shipped?

    Yes, once your order is prepared for shipment, you will receive an automated email with a tracking number. You may also wish to acces your acount online to track your order.

  • Section 8:
    ROES Tech Support

    1. I am having problems downloading ROES, what can I do?

    Try these following actions:

    • Turn off any pop up blockers
    • Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive
    • Dialup connections may cause a delay or not allow you to download the software at all
    Still cannot download ROES (Pro or Easy)? - Contact our friendly customer service line at 1-800-315-0420 or try our Troubleshooting page and see if our instructions can help through

    2. How do I crop my images?

    The ROES program allows you to view the crop of your images as they fit into your selected print size. In addition, ROES offers a "Crop to Fit" option which allows you to keep your entire image within the print size by placing white borders along two sides of your image - basically "fitting" your image within a particular size. This comes in handy if your image is a non-standard size and you do not wish to crop. Find the "Crop or Fit" tool by clicking once on the template to toggle the Crop to Fit option.

    Keep in mind, most digital cameras format images at a ratio of 2:3, meaning a full-frame photo will be equal to a 4x6 print size, with an 8x10 requiring a crop of at least two inches. Please be aware of this while shooting and make sure to leave enough space for cropping.
    Photoshop is another great way to crop. Simply use the crop tool in your Photoshop program and your images will be ready to order in ROES.

    3. My order is ready to upload, but I keep getting a sending error... what should I do?

    The most common reason for an error during sending is a firewall. Please temporarily turn off your firewall and your order should promptly begin uploading. Another suggestion is to locate the .roescache folder on your computer and delete the contents.

    For PC users: Simply click "Start", "Search", type in .roescache in the search for all files and folders. Locate the folder and select all of the contents, then delete them.

    For Mac users: Simply click on the "Finder" button and type in .roescache in the search.
    Note: This folder may be hidden, once located select all of the contents, and then delete them.

    Still receiving the sending error?Try our troubleshooting page or contact our friendly customer service line at 1-800-315-0420

    4. I have used ROES before and all of the sudden I cannot seem to launch or use the software, what should I do?

    Please try our troubleshooting page or call our friendly customer service line at 1-800-315-0420 and we will be happy to address any technical issues you are having.

    For helpful instructions with ROES, check out our handy Tip Sheets Page CLICK HERE

  • Section 5:

    1. What kind of albums does your photo lab offer?

    Our Album99 uses panoramic prints with thick or thin page options to create a beautifully crafted album! There is a selection of cover options including Italian genuine leather and two artisanal photo wrap covers for even more customization! We offer the Infinity Flush Mount Album. It is an extremely high quality photographic album that is offered in panoramic or split style format. Panoramic is free of a gutter down the middle of the album, while the split style book has a very small 2mm gutter. We offer a variety of covers and other options to customize your album.

    2. What is the processing time for Albums?

    Album99 has a 4-5 business day processing time, while Infinity Flush Mount Albums require a 30-day processing time.

    3. How do I order an album?

    Album99 and Infinity Flush Mount Albums may be ordered through both our ROES ordering system and the Web-based shopping cart. Both systems give you the option to submit your own templates, use our professionally designed templates, or create your own design/templates.

    4. Does your photo lab offer album design services?

    Yes, our professional album designers will create your album design for only $5.00 per side. You may order this service through our ROES ordering system. Processing time on most album designs are 10 working days. This is available for our Infinity Album line only.

    5. Do you offer a studio sample discount on your albums?

    Yes, we offer 25% off Album99 studio samples and 30% off Infinity Flush Mount studio samples. The words "studio sample" will be stamped on the inside cover.

    6. What is the difference between Album99 and the Infinity Flush Mount Albums?

    For helpful instructions with ROES, check out our handy Tip Sheets Page CLICK HERE

  • Section 6:
    Hand Painted Canvas

    1. What type of paint is used on the Hand Painted Canvas?

    We only use top-of-the-line heavy archival acrylic paints for the detail work on the canvas. The canvas is then coated with a UV gel-gloss layer to keep it looking perfect for many years to come.

    2. Do I have input on what colors or embellishments are used, or where the paint will be applied?

    At this time, we are leaving the artistic vision of the Hand Painted Canvas up to our EXTREMELY talented and highly experienced artist. This provision ensures the final canvas will be a true one-of-a-kind professional piece of artwork.

    3. How should I care for my Hand Painted Canvas?

    Canvases may be wiped down CAREFULLY with a damp cloth, but no care is really required. Do not put the Hand Painted Canvas in direct sunlight or in a room that is moisture filled.

    4. Does my Hand Painted Canvas come ready to hang?

    Yes, like all NPL canvases, the Hand Painted Canvas comes with a finished back, attached mounting bracket and clear rubber wall bumpers.

    5. What is the Hand Painted Canvas process?

    Hand Painted Canvases are created by our experienced painters. Using their vast artistic experience, they create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Acrylic paint is precisely applied by hand to spot locations on the canvas, including the sides. Note that flesh-tones of subjects are not altered. Our painters only add to the background, scenery, clothing, jewelry, or any other item which might increase the beauty of your image. After drying, our artists apply coats of gel-gloss over the canvas to create a unique layered effect.

    6. Can I see the actual brushstrokes on the Canvas?

    Yes! You can touch and feel the actual brushstrokes and there is a layered 3-D look to many areas of the canvas!

    7. How is my Hand Painted Canvas shipped?

    All canvases are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard sleeves so as not to damage the acrylic paint and to prevent any chipping or scuffing during shipment.

    8. What is the processing time to receive my Hand Painted Canvas?

    We quote 15 business days to ensure the most wonderful acrylic application to your favorite canvas image, as well as the time necessary for the layered acrylic paint to dry thoroughly!

    9. Can I cancel a Hand Painted order?

    Unfortunately Hand Painted Canvas orders cannot be cancelled.

    For helpful instructions with ROES, check out our handy Tip Sheets Page CLICK HERE

  • Section 7:
    Ordering Products



    1. A message appears in ROES "I will lose my order if I change catalogs". What does this mean?



    ROES runs on a platform which cannot mix "catalogs" and/or Color Corrected and non-adjusted products. For instance, if you would like to order Prints Color Corrected by us and Prints Not Color Corrected by us, you will have to complete two separate orders. Additional Questions? Please call us at 1-800-315-0420 or Click Here to access our live chat.

    2. What products can be purchased in the same shopping cart?

    In reference to the Q&A above, a good rule to remember is anything that is on the same line on the "Products" page of the order interface can be ordered together in the same shopping cart! For example, ALL of the Canvas Products can be ordered together without having to split anything up into separate orders.

    3. How do I combine shipping when ordering from different catalogs within ROES?

    To combine shipping you will need to insert information into the "Order Review" screen in the section labeled "Special Instructions".

    We ask that you insert verbiage that alerts to your multiple orders and that you request them to be combined. For example- "Order 1 of 4, please combine my shipping cost." ***IMPORTANT NOTE - Only products with the same processing time can be combined for shipment***


    1. What does Lustre Finish mean?

    Lustre paper is similar to matte, but with a textured finish and a slight sheen. It is the standard in traditional professional printing.

    2. What does Metallic Finish mean?

    It is a high gloss paper which gives a three-dimensional metallic look to your image. It also gives very flattering skin tones and looks great for outdoor and black and white images.

    3. What is the difference between Color Corrections and Non-Color Corrections?

    While the paper your images are printed on does not change, "Color Corrected" means your images will be professionally fine tuned by one of our trained color technicians. "Non-Color Corrected" means the image will be printed without this service. For more information on our policies regarding Color Corrections, please refer to the GENERAL QUESTIONS section of this FAQ.


    1. What is Pearl Cardstock Paper?

    The pearl press finish adds an iridescent finish with a slight champagne color.

    2. What is Semi-Gloss Cardstock Paper?

    Semi-gloss is our standard press finish which has a smooth finish and sight sheen.

    3. What is Linen Cardstock Paper?

    The linen press finish adds a touch of elegance with a classic texture you can see and feel, like that of fine linen.

    4. What is Protective UV Coating?

    UV Coating is a special material applied to create a protective barrier and make your product more durable.

    5. How does a Tri-Fold differ from a Gate-Fold?

    Tri-fold panels are the same size and fold evenly over each other. The gate-fold has two smaller panels on left and right which fold over a larger middle panel to create the "gate" function.

    6. What is Bleed Trim

    The bleed/trim areas on all press products indicate the space needed around the perimeter of each design to allow for any mechanical variance during the cutting process.The safe zone indicates the area where all important parts of your design, like text and people, should remain within. The trim area is the relative dimension of your final product after it is cut. The bleed area is the area needed outside that final cut in case of a shift during the cutting process. *Please remember to keep all important parts of the design 1/4 inches inside the perimeter and extend the background of your design 1/4 inches outside the perimeter to allow for this variance.*

  • Section 4:
    Shipping & Processing Times

    1. What are the processing times?

    Our processing times are exceptional! Keep in mind that peak seasons and high volume orders may affect our standard processing times. Orders placed after 2pm will begin production on the next business day.

    2. What are my shipping options?

    Ground (Most orders exceeding $50 in product) FREE
    Ground (Most orders less than $50 in product) $7
    Alaska/ Hawaii (USPS Only) $12
    Canada $25
    Infinity Flush Mount Albums (FedEx Ground with Signature Required) $10
    FedEx Two Day $15
    FedEx Overnight $30
    Gallery Blocks/ Cube Décor/ Framing (within the contiguous US) $15
    • International Shipping- USPS Only

      Customer Service will contact you regarding an estimate on your international quote prior to production. Please note that this is an estimate only and that the final cost may vary depending on the final weight of the packaged order. This estimate may increase by $4 for every additional pound

    • Depending on your location and weight of the package, we ship via FedEx and USPS Priority.
    • If you need a Gallery Block/ Cube Décor or framing order expedited, contact Customer Service with your ROES/WEB number for a quote.
    • If you need a Gallery Wrap, Split/ Cluster or Hand painted canvas order expedited, Two-day shipping is $15 plus 5% of the subtotal. Overnight shipping is $30 plus 10% of the subtotal.
    • Selecting an expedited shipping method does not apply to the processing times. USPS will not guarantee delivery times. The shipping time will vary depending on your location. Please allow additional time during the holidays.
    • FedEx shipping/delivery is only available Monday-Friday. Please contact Customer Service with any questions regarding a Saturday Delivery method.

    3. What is a drop ship?

    Drop ship orders include only a packing slip, no invoice, and the actual delivery label indicates that you are the sender. There is no mention or indication that the order was processed or shipped by Nations Photo Lab. This shipment is a $7 value (ground shipping method) for standard prints and remains so, no matter the merchandise total. Due to customs, international drop ships must indicate that Nations Photo Lab is the shipper. The package will still include a packing slip.

    4. Do you offer a rush service?

    Contact our Customer Service at 1-800-315-0420, regarding if a RUSH service is possible. Gallery Blocks, Cube Décor and Frame orders are unable to be rushed.

  • Section 9:

    1. What happens if my order arrives damaged?

    We strive to ensure that each order is properly packaged for safe arrival. In the event that your order arrives damaged contact Customer Service within 5 business days of receipt.

    We reserve the right to request that the product be returned.

    2. What if I am unhappy with my order?

    We offer the highest standards of quality and guarantee our work. Following our guidelines for submitting images is vital to receiving quality products. We are not responsible for under/ overexposed, blurred, or low quality images. It is the photographer's responsibility to submit images that are suitable for printing.

    Nations Photo Lab is not responsible for orders placed with no Color Corrections. We guarantee your satisfaction on all orders placed with Color Corrections. If the client opts to order with no Color Corrections, they are responsible for the adjusting color using a color calibrated monitor to match our ICC profile.

    The client is responsible for reviewing all orders before submitting. The client must ensure all options are accurate including but not limited to paper finish, orientation, cropping, product, spelling and grammar.

    3. Am I able to modify or cancel an order?

    • Framing, Gallery Blocks and Cube Décor orders cannot be canceled once submitted.
    • Web-based/ Shopping cart orders cannot be canceled.
    • Contact Customer Service for any modifications or cancelations of ROES/web orders (other than frames, Gallery Blocks and Cube Décor orders) within 15 minutes of submission. Once a ROES/web order has printed, we are unable to process that request.

  • Section 10:
    ICC Profile

    Thank You for choosing Nations Photo Lab,

    Here are three key color management tips to help your on-screen images become closer to the Nations Photo Lab print output. It is highly suggested to follow these steps to obtain the best possible results.

    1. Image Capture

    All files submitted to Nations Photo Lab should be in sRGB format. Any image that is captured in another color space or is improperly exposed will create less than acceptable results. It is also important to point out that exposure will always give you the best possible results.

    2. Monitor Calibration

    In-house, we calibrate our monitors using the X-Rite Eye One Display Two hardware and software. Our monitors are set to 6000 Kelvin and a Gamma rating of 2.2. Lighting is also an important factor in color management. Daylight balanced bulbs are used exclusively in our lab for accurate color representation.

    3. ICC Profiles

    The ICC profiles used in-house enable us to make sure all printers are producing identical results. We recommend allowing out trained technicians to color adjust your order if you have not purchased calibration software. If you use Photoshop or Lightroom and have purchased calibration software, we would be delighted to provide you with our various color profiles. This will help ensure that your photo prints will be as close as possible to your on-screen image.

    Following these steps will help ensure that you are receiving the best possible prints.

    Here at Nations Photo Lab, we strive to make certain that all of our monitors, printers, paper and chemistry are all cross-calibrated to ensure consistency in printing.

    Should you have any questions feel free to contact us at 1-800-315-0420.

    Remember: ICC profiles are not a magic elixir that will solve all digital photography woes. If an image is not exposed properly at capture, there is only a limited amount of work that can be done to correct that image.

    Get the Nations Code

    Account #

    Contact Email

    What type of photographer are you?

    What kind of software was purchased?

  • Section 11:
    Java Basics

    1. What is JAVA? Do I need it to place an order?

    Java is a programming language that helps billions of devices and programs run properly. Java is required to run ROES and certain parts of our website, mainly the image uploader.

    2. How do I get JAVA?

    Most computers already have Java. You can visit the Java website and follow the link "Do I have Java?" to confirm if you have it installed on your computer.

    If your Java is up to date, you should be ready to place an order using ROES on our Website.

    If you do not currently have Java, or you have an outdated version of Java, follow the prompts to initiate the FREE JAVA DOWNLOAD. There are two necessary steps:

    1. The installer must be downloaded. It is recommended to save this file to your computer's desktop.
    2. The installer must be run to fully install Java to your machine. You may need to double click the installer file from your desktop. You will see a red and white Java Progress window, and when complete you will see a prompt that reads "Java was successfully installed."

    When Java is successfully installed, feel free to use MY GALLERIES to upload your photos. Upon the first launch, you may be prompted to ALLOW, RUN or INSTALL any missing Java plug-ins. The add-ons are safe, secure and essential. You are also able to download ROES.

    3. I have multiple versions of Java present on my computer, how do I remove them?

    If an older version of Java is present, it's good idea to remove but the most recent and up-to-date version. Java provides these instructions:

    Remove older versions of Java in the same way as you would remove any other software from your Windows computer.

    4. Windows 7 and Vista - Uninstall Programs

    1. Click Start
    2. Select Control Panel
    3. Select Programs
    4. Click Programs and Features
    5. Select the program you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then the Uninstall button. You may need administrator privileges to remove programs.

    5. Windows XP - Uninstall Programs

    1. Click Start
    2. Select Control Panel
    3. Click the Add/Remove Programs control panel icon
    4. The Add/Remove control panel displays a list of software on your system, including any Java software products that are on your computer. Select any that you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Remove button.

    6. I'm on a Macintosh, is installing/managing Java different than on a PC?

    Apple's Software Update tends to take care of updating and removing Java versions automatically, but here are some troubleshooting tips for Java with MAC.

    Macintosh OS -

    1. Go to the Apple menu and select "Software Update." Most modern Macintoshes keep Java automatically updated using Software Update. Software Update keeps track of which version you're running for many popular software programs and automatically monitors whether an update has been released for those programs.
    2. If a Java update is available, click "Install" to automatically download and install the update to your Macintosh. If this installation works, you're finished and won't need to proceed to step 3.
    3. If Java does not install through Software Update or if your current installation isn't behaving correctly, you can download the latest copy of Java from Apple's developer website at developer.apple.com/java/download/. Download a fresh copy of the Java update by clicking the link on the developer download page. The disk image will automatically mount on your computer.
    4. Double-click the "JavaForMac" file from the mounted disk image, and then follow the instructions that appear. Java will install on your Macintosh.

  • Section 12:
    Tips & Tricks

    1. Why is my image being cropped?

    • A difference in aspect ratio may be the reason why your image is being cropped within the ROES or Beta print template. For example, let's say the camera took the image as an 8x12 but you want to print it as an 8x10; they're two different sizes of rectangles. So those 2 inches of difference will be cropped within the ROES template.
    • Here are three possible solutions:
      • Crop the image.

        Within ROES, click on the image when it's placed in the template and moving it to your liking.

        Within our Web-Based ordering system, click Crop Image button underneath the thumbnail of your image in the Shopping Cart. You can move the red box to choose what will be cropped from the final print.

      • Select a different template size until you can find one that is a closer fit to the original image (for instance we would go back and choose the 8x12 template, for this example). You can find out how large your image will print by viewing our Pixel Dimension Chart.
      • Choose Crop-or-Fit (ROES only) by clicking on the appropriate button below the image template in ROES. Be careful! The white space showing in the template WILL BE IN THE FINAL PRINT!
    • When placing your images into the ROES templates it is always important to keep in mind you will need at least a 1/16" bleed area on all sides for print trimming.

    2. Is my file large enough for a high quality image?

    In the Pixel Chart, find the corresponding pixel dimensions needed for the print size preferred. If your image pixel dimensions are higher than needed - that's okay! You may want to choose a smaller print size if the pixels are lower.

    3. What are the dotted lines around the wallets?

    The dotted line shown on our wallets are a bleed area. It is required that you keep all essential elements such as text and faces inside of this area to ensure that they will not be cropped while cutting the final print.

    Please note that the area outside of the "Safe Zone" may or may not be included in your print, but still needs to be filled! The process in which our wallets are printed and punched produces a slightly inconsistent final cut. Please do not add borders to your wallet, as the inconsistent cut may cause variation in border width on each side.

    4. What is a trim and bleed?

    After the printed pages come off our presses and are bound together, they need to be "trimmed" so that each page is exactly the same size. While we always try to trim as accurately as possible, it's natural for the trim line to vary slightly in one direction or the other, which is why we recommend that you include a "bleed" and work within a "safe zone" when you design your file.

    To ensure that no important areas are cut off in the trimming process a "bleed" area is defined. The "bleed" extends beyond the "trim" for when you want a photo or color to extend to the edge of the page. The reason to include a bleed in print files is to ensure that images you want to go to the edge of the page always do so, regardless of how exact the trim is.

    5. What are the different colors for bleed zones in ROES (Press)?

    The safe zone for press indicates the area where all important parts of your design, like text and people, should to remain within. The trim area is the relative dimension of your final product after it is cut. The bleed area is the area needed outside that final cut in case of shifting during the cutting process

    6. Do you offer custom sizes?

    Nations Photo Lab is able to print up custom sizes from an 11x14 to 30 inches wide and 10 feet long. To request a custom quote and instructions for ordering custom sizes, please email info@nationsphotolab.com.

    7. How do I add notes to my order?

    To give more information about your incoming order or make a special request, please click on the "Special Instructions" field within the Review Order/Review Cart screen in ROES. "Special Instructions" are also found in the checkout process of the Web-Based ordering software. These instructions will be reviewed by Customer Service before your order is processed or printed.

    8. What is the "Reference" field?

    This is a great way to label and organize your orders. The reference you use will display in the "My Account" area as well as your invoice. Photographers find this very helpful when searching for a specific order!

    9. What is the "Render" option in ROES

    Rendering allows you to create a low resolution jpg file in order to show your client an example of how their order will appear in ROES. This works excellent for Gallery Blocks! To do so:

    • Create a new folder on your desktop, named "Rendered Files", for example.
    • Create your order in ROES, then click on the "Render" button to the Review Order screen. Save your order within that newly created folder on your desktop. This button will create a preview file of the images you are setting up that you can then use for review on your computer before sending the order to us.

    10. Do you offer package printing?

    Nations Photo Lab offers package prints available in standard sets.

    We also offer the option for you to create your own custom packages.