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Do you offer samples?

We offer a paper sample kit that contains both press and photo paper swatches. At this time, our paper samples are available in ROES for $1.99 with FREE shipping.

We also offer Studio Samples at a discounted cost:
Infinity Flush Mount Albums - 30% off (option found in the cart)
Gallery Blocks - 30% off (ROES only)

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards. At this time, we do not accept PayPal.

Important notification about NPL Bucks:

Due to a planned database upgrade, we have phased out the "NPL Bucks" payment option. All lab credit will be replaced with unique, one-time-use promo codes. Customers who have outstanding "NPL Bucks" will receive these promo codes via email in predetermined denominations.

Promo codes are only are applicable to orders placed by the specified account holder. Once redeemed, a promo code cannot be utilized again. Promo code value cannot be divided among multiple orders, nor can it be combined with any other promo code-based promotions or discounts. Multiple codes cannot be applied to one order.

Customers who have outstanding lab credit who have not received an email notification should contact our Customer Service team as soon as possible via email at

What type of photographic paper do you use?

We print exclusively on Kodak Professional Endura Premiere Paper for all photographic printing. Kodak Endura Paper sets the standard in professional printing, so you can feel confident you are receiving the best paper in the printing industry!

Lustre (E-Surface): The surface is closely related to matte, but with a textured finish and a very slight sheen. It is the standard in professional printing.

Glossy: The surface is very smooth and delivers bright bold colors and exceptional clarity with natural skin tones. Custom sizes are unavailable in this finish.

Metallic: The surface has very unique properties. It is a high gloss paper which gives a three-dimensional metallic look to your image. It also gives very flattering skin tones and looks great for outdoor and black and white images.

What are "Color Corrections" and the "Color Match Guarantee"?

Color Corrections include each individual image review and adjusting of density, color tones, saturation and lighting.

In choosing Color Corrections, you're choosing to have our color technicians remove any differences between your personal monitor and our print monitor.

Have you ever watched the same movie on a bank of monitors at a store like Best Buy? The colors and brightness are always different even though it's the same movie... those same differences happen between computer monitors.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction for color prints with Color Corrections. If you are not happy with your prints, we'll reproduce them at no charge to you.

*Nations Photo Lab cannot guarantee orders without Color Corrections.

Do you offer an ICC profile?

We strive to make certain that all of our monitors, printers, paper and chemistry are all cross-calibrated to ensure consistency in printing. If you have purchased calibration software and would like to "soft-proof" your images, CLICK HERE to download our profiles and tutorial on how to install them in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Do you process film or work with negatives?

Nations Photo Lab does not process film or work with negatives.

Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, we offer custom sizes up to 30" wide for our lustre and metallic paper finishes. To request a custom quote, please contact us with the size and paper finish. We do not offer custom sizes in our glossy finish.

Is my file large enough to produce a high quality print?


What is the difference between Album99 and Infinity Flush Mount Albums?