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4x5.5" Magnets (Pack of 25)

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5x5" Magnets (Pack of 25)

5x7" Magnets (Pack of 25)

8x10" Magnets (Pack of 10)

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Designer photo magnets provide a fun and unique way to introduce your new baby, announce your upcoming wedding, celebrate a graduation or mark any number of special occasions. Our metal magnets can hang on your refrigerator, on the inside of a school locker or on the side of your computer - virtually any magnetic surface.

In addition to making it easy to upload your photos into our system, you can also add text and other customizations for that perfect look. Our production team is very thorough and ensures that your magnets look just right and are delivered in a timely fashion.

Photo Credit

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL. We work with some truly amazing pro photographers!