As photographers, it is a MUST to have Studio Samples for any and every product you offer your clients! We provide discounts on three of our most popular products:

ORDER IN ROES:Gallery Blocks - Select "Studio Sample" under OPTIONS.
Infinity Flush Mount Albums - Select "Studio Sample" in the SHOPPING CART.

ORDER IN WEB:Gallery Blocks - Select "Studio Sample" under OPTIONS in the shopping cart.
Gallery Blocks and Infinity Flush Mount Albums - Add the product to your cart and under ORDER DETAILS at Checkout, enter "Apply 30% Studio Sample to my Gallery Block/ Infinity Flush Mount Album" in the Special Instructions field.


Q - Where will the Studio Sample watermark go?
A - Gallery Blocks have a Studio Sample watermark on the bottom right corner. Infinity Flush Mount Albums have a "Studio Sample" stamp on the front inside cover.

Q - What is the difference between Album99 and Infinity Flush Mount Albums?
A - Click here to see our Album Comparison chart