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Nations Photo Lab ROES


  1. To start, click the green ADD FOLDER button to add images.
  2. Click the red SELECT A PRODUCT text to find the paper type you'd like in the drop down menu on the top left.
  3. Select the SHOW PACKAGES AND CLUSTER CONTROLS icon below the preview area, at the bottom left. This icon is diamond shaped with two blue shapes stacked below it.
  4. To build a package, simply drag and drop print templates from the left side to the gray preview space in the center.
  5. Drag your image into the preview area, the image will appear in all your templates previously selected. Adjust or crop your image as needed. You may individually crop by clicking on the blue icon at the bottom corner of each template. Clicking this icon will "unlock" the template from the group - adjust accordingly. Otherwise, all templates can be simultaneously adjusted.
  6. When satisfied with your crop, click the ADD TO CART button. The package you created will remain in the preview area, so you may continue to order or save it to use later. Repeat step 5 to continue ordering from that template package.
  7. To save a package, simply click the green plus sign/heart icon and then name your package. You can then use the FAVORITES button to access this package template for future orders.