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Nations Photo Lab ROES


  1. To start, click the green ADD FOLDER button to add images.
  2. Click the red SELECT A PRODUCT text to find the paper type you'd like in the drop down menu on the top left.
  3. Select the SHOW PACKAGES AND CLUSTER CONTROLS icon underneath the preview area, at the bottom left. This icon looks like a black diamond with two blue triangle shapes stacked below it.
  4. Drag and drop the templates sizes you desire into the grey preview space in the center.
  5. Drag your image into the preview area, the image will appear in all your selected templates. Adjust or crop your image as needed, any adjustments you make will be reflected in all templates.
  6. Choose additional details for your image in OPTIONS to the right. There will be a space in this area for each template size in your package.
  7. When satisfied, click the ADD TO CART button. The package you created will remain in the preview area, but the package with the image you used will appear in your shopping cart.
  8. If there are more images you'd like to use with this package, drag and drop those images, one at a time, into the template cluster. Adjust or crop your image as needed and click add to cart. Repeat this for each image. If you'd like to create a different package, hover your mouse over a template you'd like to take out, and click the red circle with the minus sign in it.