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$15 per add

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Album sizes 10x8 and 14x11 are only available in ROES


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Product Info

Photo Wrap Cover - Contemporary Full Photo Wrapped Photo Albums

What better way to display your albums than in a custom, professionally-bound photo album? With Nations Photo Lab, you can create a custom album, then use your own image to serve as the cover. Our photo wrap cover will take your favorite photograph from your event and wrap it around the binding of the book so those who look at the book will know instantly what stories it contains. As with all of the photo albums from Nations Photo Lab, choosing the cover image is just the first step in creating a custom design.

Once you know what cover image you want, you need to choose a size. We offer a range of sizes, including both rectangular and square designs, to meet all of your needs. Then, you will need to choose your edging. NPL offers black and white page edges with rounded corners and white page edges with traditional corners. Finally, choose from pages with a gutter between the pages or panoramic pages that are practically seamless. Regardless of your choices, you will receive a photo book that is professionally bound using high quality materials, and it will be something you will display with pride. Each book comes custom with eight pages and the option to purchase additional pages as needed.

To begin the process of ordering your custom photo wrap cover photo book, simply log on to your account. Then, walk through the ROES system to design the book, and you will be on your way to having a custom book with a beautiful photo cover in your hands.

Photo Credit

Header- Karen Seifert
Product Photography - Lawrence Ross